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    Since taking the FFR program, I have
    felt a much stronger connection to my children
    and am more in tune with what is going
    on with them physically as well as emotionally.

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    After learning the FFR technique, I began
    practicing on my 16 year-old son who
    usually doesn't like to be touched.
    However, he loves when I work on his feet
    and it has become a special bonding time
    for mom and son to connect.

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    Learning these skills has made a huge
    impact in my life! It greatly increased my
    understanding of emotion and energy and
    how they are connected to physical ailments.


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I was very ill with no progress through traditional methods. Once I began regular foot zones, I immediately started to experience true healing. I not only found relief from my physical problems, my practitioner also helped me to address the emotional issues that contributed to my illness. I am so grateful because I am healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually than I have ever been before!

Alex S.

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What is Family Foot Reflexology?

At Family Foot Reflexology we believe that everyone has the innate ability to heal the body, mind and spirit. We are on this planet with a blue print to seek health, happiness and peace. That is why Family Foot Reflexology is dedicated to empowering people in learning how to remind the body of this spiritual blue print through healing modalities such as reflexology, essential oils, and energy. These proven methods have not only brought peace and happiness to our clients and students but have also saved them hundreds of dollars from making unnecessary doctor visits.

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